Bobby Kumar and Gina Kumar Welcome You To The Beveridge Park Hotel

The Beveridge Park Hotel was taken over in 2007 by husband and wife team Bobby and Gina Kumar. Bobby and Gina have built up a wealth of experience in the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors. Bobby has had the honour to work as head chef for some of the most prestigious restaurants in the border regions of Scotland.

A deep rooted passion for cooking and a keen interest in developing his own recipes, it was a natural progression for Bobby to form his own food manufacturing and distribution company, successfully supplying many multiple stores in Central Scotland. Highly respected by his contemporaries he has won many awards for his cooking as well as being sought after to judge MasterChef style competitions.

Since opening Bobby and Gina have enjoyed the valued support of our local, national and international guests who all agree that the fusion between both European and Indian dishes is simply irresistible.

 Kirkcaldy - The Lang Toun

An industrial town on the east coast of Scotland might seem a strange place to come for a holiday or a visit but the towns central location on the east coast of Fife means it the only choice for those wishing to explore the east coast and central Scotland. Kirkcaldy is part of the main East-Coast rail line starting at Kings Cross in London and terminating at Aberdeen. You can travel directly from Kirkcaldy by rail to London, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth, Inverness and Aberdeen as well as stopping at many of the coastal towns in Fife.

 The Kingdom of Fife

The Beveridge Park Hotel welcomes you to this peninsular on the east coast of Scotland. You cannot miss it on the map the Kingdom is shaped like the head of a scotty dog. The word Kingdom is not used in any official capacity to describe the county of Fife but rather it is a romantic description of a land and its people who for a large part of their history were seperated from the rest of Scotland by natural barriers. The description of Fife as a Kingdom probably dates back to the 5th Century when it was known as Fib, one of the seven kingdoms of the Pictish tribes.